Gone Are The Days Of Mass Produced Chocolate.

The 21st century has heralded the rise of a newcomer.

Let's keep it simple....

Hand crafted with passion by small independent chocolate makers. Craft chocolate is made from the cocoa bean straight through to the bar.

Hence why it's also called 'bean to bar' chocolate.

This being the case, the emphasis is always on flavour and quality, not quantity. That's why only single origin cocoa beans are used.

With no additives or preservatives this chocolate is great for food intolerance sufferers and is naturally vegan. It's also kind to your waistline since you don't need to eat that much of it compared to eating mass produced, high sugar chocolate.

And best of all, it's amazing when paired with Scotch Whisky or Wine due to the complimentary flavour notes they bring out in each other.

Flavour notes depend on three things:

  • Type of cocoa bean
  • Where it’s grown
  • Fermentation
  • Roasting

This mouthwatering chocolate is too good not to try!