Tosier Craft Chocolate

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Passionate about 'real' chocolate, Deanna Tilston embarked on a personal journey of exploration.

Discovering how to make chocolate from cocoa beans all the way through to the bar, she wanted to provide consumers with the chance to experience what real chocolate tastes like.

Hand-making your chocolate in her customised chocolate kitchen she sorts, cracks, winnows, grinds and tempers the chocolate in small six kilo batches.

Allowing her to produce the best quality in texture and taste.

Transparency and traceability in the supply chain are important to Tosier. Ensuring cocoa farmers get a fair price creates a meaningful impact on cocoa growing communities in Belize, Bolivia, Columbia and Haiti.

Like a fine wine, what you'll notice from each chocolate bar are the unique flavours, enhanced by the individual roasting profiles and yearly harvests.

Not only are the bars naturally vegan but also gluten free and dairy free. Which is awesome news for people who have food intolerances and specialised diets.

All their bars contain 70% cocoa, allowing you to taste and compare the different flavour profiles between each bar.

What month will you find one of these delicious craft chocolate bars?