Pacari Craft Chocolate

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Grown, harvested and made in the country of origin, Ecuador, this dark craft chocolate is more tree to bar than bean to bar.

It's so good it won 17 awards from the Academy of Chocolate, London, in 2017.

Created in 2002 with the goal of starting a family business, Santiago Peralta and Carla Borboto revolutionised the chocolate industry, not only in Ecuador, but throughout Latin America.

And to date, this socially responsible, certified organic craft chocolate has won over 180 awards internationally.

Pacari is one of the few chocolate brands in the world that is produced in the country of origin. That's less than 1%!

This allows for more wealth stay in the the developing country, creating job opportunities for the local population from farming to food production, business to sales and graphic design to marketing.

It really is one of the best systems to follow!

Craft chocolate, in general, is naturally vegan. But being free from gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, palm oil and artificial flavours and preservatives - it's perfect for vegans, the health conscious and ethical consumers.

Keep your eyes peeled for a bar in your next tasting box. As a treat we randomly sneak in small samples for you to try.


pacari-dark chocolate-ecuador-craft chocolate-bean to bar chocolate-monthly-subscription boxes-chocolate subscription-UK.jpg