Crayfish Bay Organics

A delightful surprise, this 'tree to bar' craft chocolate comes from Grenada.

Hand-made and roasted in a specialised charcoal roaster by Kim and Lylette Russel on the family-owned estate, the unique roaster and the freshness of the cocoa beans increases the variety of flavour notes as it melts in your mouth.

This organic farm runs a fair-trade co-op where control of the land has been given to the locals in return for harvesting the cocoa and taking care of the land.

They are also allowed to plant as many crops as they choose so long as they follow organic practices and they don't interfere with the cocoa trees.

This means the farmers can have year-round work rather than seasonal work.

Along with planting their own crops, locals get a 90% share of the highest current price of wet cocoa and nutmeg picked.

As it should be!

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