J. Cocoa

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Having always loved food, where it comes from and the care that goes into making it, chocolate was no exception. However, James from J. Cocoa, knew very little about making it.

This prompted him to research his own question to himself ' How many companies actually do make their own chocolate, and if not, then why not?'

Surprisingly, at that time, there were only a few chocolate makers in the UK, including Cadburys.

So then he asked 'How hard can it be?' and embarked on a solo mission to make his own.

Armed with an Indian spice grinder from Amazon he was determined to make chocolate from scratch and soon his side project created a buzz.

And motivated by the success of it's inclusion on the Bond Street Coffee's cafe menu....J.Cocoa officially launched.

Now an award-winning single origin, bean to bar chocolate maker, J. Cocoa showcases his chocolate's unique flavour profile by sourcing only the finest cocoa beans direct from cocoa farmers.

Thus ensuring cocoa farmers and growers receive a premium for their heirloom cocoa crops. This direct trade not only benefits local community and education but guarantees exceptional quality.

Want to try chocolate bars from J. Cocoa? Sign up for a subscription box and get one in your discovery box. But which month?