A Chocolate Box of Happiness.

Delivered To Their Door.

The ultimate gift for the person that's hard to buy for!

Or a wedding gift for the couple who have everything they need.

You know who I'm talking about. Right?

We all have people in our lives who are really hard to buy a gift for - the aunt, uncle, mother-in-law. Even a couple getting married that have everything they need. 

Do. Not. Worry. 

We've got your back!

The days of buying matching socks and a tie, boring gift vouchers or waffle makers for the happy couple are gone.

Your gift recipient is going to get access to a sublime chocolate experience allowing them to unlock secrets of chocolate they never knew existed.

Chocolate Gift

Sourced by us from independent chocolate makers. This stuff's not found on the high street. It's barely even found online.

And the best part is….You get to choose how many months to gift. From one month, two months, three months or more.

The choice is yours!

What Do They Get?

Each box comes with:

  • Four luxury craft chocolate bars from award winning chocolate makers.

  • A FREE Tasting guide teaching them to unlock the secrets of chocolate.

  • A FREE practice sheet to have fun discovering flavour notes.

  • Complimentary tasting notes to guide their senses.

  • Free shipping in the UK.

  • The chance to become the most fascinating person in the room with these new secrets to share.

What's not to love! It's so quick and easy.

I know, I know, chocolate is another 'go to' gift when you're stuck. But this time....surprise them with a chocolate experience!

Got Questions? Great, Let's Hear Them!

Click through to our FAQ's here, or pop us an email to info@craftchocolatecompany.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.