Why Do We Eat Chocolate Eggs At Easter?

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Have you ever thought about this?

It's one of those random thoughts that popped in to my head, so I went on the hunt for more info.

Seemingly at it's origins, eating eggs was forbidden by the Christian church during the week before Easter - Holy Week.

Any eggs laid that week were served and brightly decorated to make them 'Holy Week' eggs. Then given to children as gifts after the fasting of Lent.

But Chocolate Makers Got Creative.

In France and Germany, during the early 19th century, chocolate makers produced the first chocolate eggs. Made from unsweetened dark chocolate, they were solid as a rock all the way through.

Imagine trying to crack that!

Hearing the satisfying crack of an Easter egg is the best part.

It wasn't until 1875 when John Cadbury produced hollow eggs containing sugared almonds that giving chocolate shaped eggs as gifts really took off.

There you have it! The real reason we eat chocolate eggs. Pure creativity and a sweet tooth.

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