Did You Know Tasting Chocolate Follows The Same Rules As Wine Tasting?

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With craft chocolate fast becoming a premium, artisanal product, there is a new ritual bringing people together - The Art Of Chocolate Tasting

Similar to wine, whisky, beer, coffee, gin and even cider, luxury hand-made chocolate is meant to be smelled, savoured and enjoyed.

And while the chocolate industry mostly markets sweetened, flavoured milk chocolate to kids. It's becoming more common for adults to splurge on expensive, luxury dark chocolate.

Especially when there are socio-economic benefits or status linked to it.

Encouraging you to smell, touch and taste chocolate gives you an education about the rich history of cocoa but also an understanding of why cocoa farmers need to be paid the right price for their produce.

So How Does One Taste Chocolate?

One simply has to follow the same rules as wine tasting ;)

The idea of chocolate tasting might be a new concept to most but the ritual is still the same.

Let's begin:

  • Appearance - Premium quality chocolate should look glossy and shiny
  • Touch - It should feel silky to touch
  • The Snap - High cocoa content always gives a sharp,clean snap
  • Aroma - Before you put a piece in your mouth, does it have an aromatic aroma?

Now place a piece in your mouth and let it melt.

  • Mouthfeel - It should be silky smooth and not thick or cloying
  • Taste - As it melts, an abundance of flavour notes should be released
  • Aftertaste - To finish, the flavour notes should linger a while longer after eating

Enjoy This Process!

Have fun with it.

And remember....everyone is different. No two people's taste buds are the same.

Warmest Regards,

Michelle x
Founder | Craft Chocolate Company