How Is Chocolate Made?

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Do You Know How Craft Chocolate Is Made?

I didn't either.

I thought you bought a big block of chocolate from a chocolate producer, melted it down, tempered it, added ingredients and voila.

You have chocolate!

Well....technically speaking this is what happens when chocolatiers make chocolate but not craft chocolate makers.

Over the past couple of years chocolate makers have been making their own chocolate bars. In small batches.

From the bean all the way through to bar.

Hence the name 'bean to bar' chocolate.

Fuelled by the insurgence of people wanting, and willing, to pay for premium quality products.

Expecting transparency about where their food comes from along the production process.

And actively wanting to help cocoa farmers get a 'better than' fair trade price for their produce.

Great minds think alike and the chocolate makers forged on.

Taking the corporate chocolate companies on at their own game, the small independent chocolate makers went out of their way to contact, and visit, the cocoa farmers.

Buying their chocolate cocoa beans at the prices asked for.

Importing them in to be roasted, cracked open, ground down, liquefied, refined, aerated, tempered and finally poured in to moulds.

I've probably missed a few steps. But you get the idea. It's an arduous task.

If a mistake is made or the cocoa beans are poor quality, guess what? The whole lot goes in the bin.

They believe that much in producing premium quality craft chocolate for you to enjoy.

Finding time to experiment and try new things, in playing around with this process, chocolate makers stumbled upon the most amazing thing.

And magic happened....

Until the next time.

Michelle x