Why Craft Chocolate Is The New Wine....

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And Should Be Given The Same Respect.

Imagine an expensive bottle of wine. What images spring to mind?

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Lush vineyards. Dusty cellars with hundred year old bottles being turned with care.

Maybe you envision tasting events with sloshing liquids held up to the light. Being swirled, sniffed and tasted.

There is a sense of ritual people want to follow. A build up of prestige to aspire to. An exclusive club to belong to.

Craft Chocolate Is No Different.

Now imagine a lush forest teaming with life, far away, in a distant exotic land. Under the canopy grow cacao trees bursting with ripe tropical fruit in different colours. 

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Ready to be harvested in a twice yearly ritual.

The same ritual handed down from generation to generation over thousands of years.

Not much different to a vineyard, is it?

And while wine evolved from humble beginnings with wine tasting only taking off in the 1970's.

Cacao Was Once Highly Respected And Used As Currency.

It's Latin name, Theobroma, given to cacao by Spanish explorers means 'Food Of The Gods'.

In this new landscape of the 21st century - Chocolate Is Changing.

There's a new movement.

Chocolate is being rescued from relegation at the bottom of the league from being a cheap impulse buy at the checkout.

And it all comes down to one thing.....

Attention To Detail.

Taking time and care to make a better product with better quality ingredients.

Do you know it takes at least three weeks to make a batch of chocolate from the bean all the way through to the bar?

The more effort it takes to hand-craft something, the more value people place on it.

Look at that 80p bar of chocolate now. Full of additives, preservatives and flavourings masking it's true flavour.

Try to convince yourself it's comparable to hand-crafted chocolate with three ingredients and an explosion of flavours, that took three weeks to make.

When you think of it that way.....isn't paying £5-10 a small price to pay to restore it's glory back up to the premiere league?