Hi. I'm Michelle.

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And I love chocolate!

Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. How about yours?

Having just a small piece with my mid-morning coffee or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon makes me feel like I can 'set the world to right'.

But it wasn't until I tried craft chocolate I realised I'd been eating chocolate the wrong way, my whole life!

Secrets were released the minute it touched my tongue and I was hooked. Transported to another place. And I asked...

Why Doesn't Anyone Know Craft Chocolate Exists?

So I embarked on a journey to research where cocoa comes from, who grows it, how it's made and who, ultimately, turns it into chocolate.

I delved in deep and discovered a world I never realised existed. 

The Lives Of The Cocoa Farmers and Their Families.

I had no idea that in the 2 billion dollar chocolate industry, the cocoa farmers were the poorest of us all. When in fact they should be the richest.

They literally grow cocoa on trees! And have been for thousands of years. All the way back to the Mayans. Now that's an historical claim to be proud of.

And while we're complaining about our toblerone's missing pointy bits, using it in creative ways like a newspaper rack or chocolate getting more expensive.

They're living in remote forests with no running water, electricity or proper sanitation.

While I can sit here and be all preachy, I'm not going to.

Because Things Are Slowly Changing.

A new movement is happening where cocoa farmers are getting 'better than' fair trade prices for their produce.

And It All Starts With The Chocolate Makers....

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Who put their passion into making their own craft chocolate. To share with you the secrets of chocolate you never knew existed.

That's exactly why I started a chocolate club.

To help you unlock these secrets and turn the everyday, ordinary activity of eating chocolate into a sublime, sensory experience.

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That's my mission. And keep it in mind every single day.

But with too many bars to choose from I then thought 'Why not send people a monthly box, containing secret chocolate, where they don't know what they'll get? - A discovery box!'

Now chocolate lovers, just like you, can experience the divine taste of the finest craft chocolate. 

Made by exclusive independent chocolate makers.

Every month. All in the one box.

Want to know what the secrets are? Join us and taste the experience for yourself ;)

Warmest regards,

Michelle x