Love Chocolate? Of Course You Do.

The smell. The touch. The taste. It's intoxicating, mouthwatering. Even comforting.

But did you know....this sublime experience can unlock the secrets of chocolate you never knew existed?

How It Works

Treat Yourself

Every month we choose 4 of the world's finest artisan craft chocolate bars. 

Made by small-batch independent chocolate makers, these bars are not available elsewhere. 

Pick A Plan

With monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and gift options, there's a choice for everyone.

And there's no commitment -
You're free to pause or cancel anytime.

free delivery

Receive it in the post at your chosen address.

Free of charge in the UK.

You don't have to worry about a thing!


What's in Your Discovery Box?

Guaranteed Happiness!

We think you'll love our craft chocolate DISCOVERY BOX.

But if you have any questions, are confused about anything or just fancy a chat, let us know. We're always here for you.

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From Us To You:

" We believe in creating a powerful, sensory experience for our customers through our chocolate subscription box.

With a warm and expressive outlook, we hold trust and integrity at the heart every customer interaction.

And we translate these positive strengths into terrific social expressions for our brand.

Just read some of our customer reviews below. "

Michelle x


Receive a box every 2 months. Had some lovely chocolate and the tasting guide which is provided is very helpful. Has introduced me to many chocolate bars that I would never have known about and some familiar ones such as Duffy’s.
— Carol Meek, UK
Try them, they are so good.

Not to sweet, light bitterness and great flavor.

Just got a box from the Craft Chocolate Company, wonder how I can get them in Canada!

— Bernard Ple, Canada
Excellent array of different chocolate. Always delicious.

Tasting notes great.
Brilliant customer service.

Would highly recommend this treat through your letterbox!

— Jackie Bayliss, UK