Love Chocolate? Of Course You Do.

The smell. The touch. The taste. It's intoxicating, mouthwatering. Even comforting.

But did you know....this sublime experience can unlock the secrets of chocolate you never knew existed?


What's in Your Chocolate Box?

Join us to find out and become part of the luxury craft chocolate movement that's taking over the world!

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April 2018


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No Commitment, You're In Charge

Pause, Cancel or Amend your chocolate subscription anytime.


yourself to 4 exclusive bars of single origin, bean to bar chocolate you can't buy on the high street.



your craving and passion for the finest, award winning craft chocolate in the world.


friends and family with little known secrets of chocolate only a few people know.

From Us To You:

" We believe in creating a powerful, sensory experience for our customers through our chocolate subscription box.
With a warm and expressive outlook, we hold trust and integrity at the heart every customer interaction.
And we translate these positive strengths into terrific social expressions for our brand. "
Michelle x